Zöllnerhaus - Nordhorn

Location -

Tucked away in the outskirts of Nordhorn, grafschaft Bentheim, you can discover this striking building. Seamlessly situated on the German-Dutch border, entirely surrounded by fields, woods and water. Known locally as ‘Das ehemalige Zöllnerhaus am Kanal‘.

The house is built over a century ago next to the Nordhorn-Almelo Canal, as a housing at the workplace of customs officials with their families. Nowadays along with the channel, the border lock and the former customs building it has the status of monument.

Because of its unique location, the building offers an ideal opportunity to stay on the route at multi-day tours for hikers, cyclists and canoeists.
The location gives a special base for cycling, hiking or canoeing trips and day trips. Along the Canal and the Brook you will find links to various cycling and walking routes, both in the national landscape Noord Oost Twente, as in the district Grafschaft Bentheim. For example long distance paths ‘Dinkelpad’ and ‘Podagristenroute’ run right past the garden!
On the neighbouring site is a canoe dock; from here you can paddle directly to the centre of Nordhorn or the Vechtesee.

Numerous possibilities for day trips, dining, catering and other amenities can be found in the immediate surroundings within a radius of a few kilometers.

On site you can enjoy the peace in the garden, or a workshop tai-chi, chi kung, or free art.